Gilbert Arenas Birthday Party Thoughts

Posted by on January 6th, 2007 in Did You Know

A lot of different opinons about the party – some had fun, some say it was way too crowded. You be the judge:

Opinion #1:

It was over crowded they barely check ID’s with the black card so anyone was walking in. Some people didnt even have card and got in. People where buying the cards it was a mess. All of the VIP rooms were open to the public although people (myself included) had a band they didnt mean anything. Over all the party would have been nice if it were a private not a Love party because that is exactly what it was. BTW all that talk about black tie and dress super duper fly (which over all everyone was) there were still a couple of people with jeans and sweat jackets on. I was disappointed and wish I had not gone all out for a party at Love.

Opinion #2

I had a good time, didn’t see the performances – heard they were good except Lil Wayne.

The fourth floor VIP room was rocking until damn near 5 in the morning. Saw stars in there, it was hot as hell though. My hair sweated out.

It was a good party overall. I think Gil had a good time. Heard he pulled up with Puff and got out and people were going crazy. I was all over that club. I wish he did it in a ballroom and everyone was on the same floor.

Opinion #3

i went.. it was cool.. to me it was just regular “love” but everyone stepping up their clothes game a little bit. couple of celelbs sprinkled in.. that’s all.

just as other posters said, it wasn’t all “exclusive” as it sounded..but, i already was prepared for that when alot of people i know were invited that were literally only friends of bartenders at love,etc..

.. it really shows how much d.c. really isn’t on the level on l.a., nyc or even atlanta. the truth is, this would be just another night at most clubs in those other cities but people in d.c. acted like it was just the biggest thing ever! lol!

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