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Posted by on January 9th, 2007 in Gilbert's Thoughts

After ESPN announced Arenas was too busy and had to be canceled, Gilbert did eventually show up and chatted with the fans. The following is a summary of some of our favorite answers:

On if he ever found a PS3:

I couldn’t find it when it first came out. I couldn’t find it on the first day, but I got 6 on the second day. But I haven’t opened it yet, truthfully. I just wanted them to have them.

On what he thinks about the Agent Zero nickname and if he had to choose a nickname for himself:

Oh yeah, I love Agent Zero. It goes well. It’s different. If I had to choose myself, then I have to go with the name I went into the league with. From Batman and Robin, I was the Boy Wonder.

On how much media coverage he reads about himself:

Probably 10 percent of it, because 90 percent is just fun and entertainment. I just read it just because there’s nothing else to do. Or to see if they wrote some stuff I said the night before.

On how he doesn’t let all this popularity and recognition get to his head:

Because I look at life that being in the NBA is like being like a leaf on a tree. Every season leaves blow off the tree and new ones grow on. I’m going to be a regular person when I leave, I was before I got to the NBA. I do normal stuff.

On what kind of cars he drives:

Oooh. Wow. I have a Laboragini. I have a Ferrari. And I have an Escalade.

On his connection with the fans and kids:

When you’re a fan and a kid, I know what they want, what they expect. I try to make them come true. When I was younger I used to wish I was the fan in the front row that had a drink spilled on him.

On the importance of the scoring title and his highlight of his career:

Being the scoring leader is not a big deal. It’s not one of the goals that I wrote down coming into the league. The 50 and 60 points, the highlight of my career was scoring my first basket and being named an all-star for the first time.

On Kobe Bryant and if he is better than him:

Oh no. I’m not even going to lie about something like that. When you’re that good, a lot of people don’t like you. But the man is talented. If you ever just break down and watch him play, he’s brilliant.

On how he stays healthy and motivated throughout the long NBA season:

When you’re in a sport that’s all year round, just eat right. Don’t eat a lot of junk food. But I don’t know why I just said that because I just ate a piece of cake. I don’t look at what I do as a job. I look at it like this is my life. This is my hobby. You don’t get bored with that. You get bored with a job.

Gilbert also said one more thing that makes him the coolest player in the NBA but I’ll save that for the next post since it deserves its own plug.

Credit to ESPN Insider.

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