The D-League Gilbert Arenas

Posted by on December 10th, 2007 in Did You Know

You might remember some time ago, I made the case that Chris Lofton was the college version of Agent Zero. Now it looks like I might have found Gilbert’s D-League equivalent. Say hello to Rod Benson.


If we were strictly talking about playing style, there would be no comparison since you’d never see Gilbert score 28 points and pull down 28 rebounds in one game, but they have a lot more in common than you would think. Let’s do some comparisons shall we?

Pac 10 Players - Gilbert Arenas played at Arizona, Rod played at California where at one point he was a teammate of Dominic McGuire, who is now Gilbert’s teammate on the Wizards.

The Power of Nothing - Both players wear number 0.

Bloggers – Everyone knows about Gilbert’s blog, but not everyone knows that Rod Benson also has a blog that’s every bit as entertaining as Gil’s. Just today Rod was added to Yahoo! Sports NBA Blog in what promises to lead to many great things.

Wizardry – Gilbert plays on the Washington Wizards, Benson plays on the Dakota Wizards, an affiliate for the D.C. team as well as several NBA squads. The cross-promotion between the two teams lead to some interesting side-by-side photo comparisons, like this one:

Come to think of it, I probably could’ve just gone with the photos and had a pretty good case, but the extra evidence only makes the comparison that much better.

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