The MRI Comes Back Good, How It Changes Anything Is Anyone’s Guess

Posted by on March 17th, 2008 in News

Rather than try and explain what happened with Gilbert’s MRI, I’ll try and break it down into good news, bad news, and everything else:

Good News: Gilbert’s MRI showed that his knee is “healing” which is good.  It’s not as good as hearing that it’s healed, so there’s still some work to do, but it looks like he’s getting closer.

Bad News: Gilbert wasn’t cleared for game action, so he won’t be playing Wednesday at Orlando.

Good News: Although he wasn’t cleared for game action, he was cleared, in Gilbert’s words, to go “full, full speed”during practice.  Generally since Eddie Jordan has been coach he wants an injured player to go through a full practice before he’ll let him back on the court, so this would seem to be that last step in the process.

Maybe it’s good news, or maybe it’s bad news: Getting clearance to go “full, full speed” means that there has to be some sort of a schedule for Gilbert’s return right?  Not according to Eddie:

There is no timetable for Gilbert. He’s showing improvement, we’re going to pick up his workouts a little bit more. A little bit more intense and then we’re going to take a reading of his reaction after each workout and see how that goes but, we like the fact that he’s improving remarkably well.

Good News for optimists, Bad News for pessimists: O.K. so there’s no timetable for Gilbert’s return, but he’s still coming back this season.  Right Gil???

Everything is 50/50 to be honest.

The optimist in me is saying that Gilbert is just overreacting since he didn’t get the green light from his MRI today which is making him think that maybe it’s worse than what and leading him to say that there’s only a 50/50 shot of coming back.  The pessimist in me has no comment since he is currently bound and gagged.

The Best News: Even if the MRI results aren’t everything we could’ve hoped for, at least we know that Gilbert’s still intent on coming back.  Here’s what he had to say about the comeback:

At the end of the day, (not playing) is the smartest thing to do. Let’s be honest. But at the end of the day [Ed. Note: Again? As awesome as you are, you can’t have the end of the day twice, Gil.] , I still love the game of the basketball and that will overtake everything. A hyped game will actually get me out there. If the doctors were not here against Cleveland, I’d be playing right now.

Here’s what Eddie had to say:

Gil loves to play basketball. It’s killing him not to play the game of basketball and once he is assured and the doctors are assured that he is ready to go in an NBA game, then he’ll go in an NBA game.

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  • Dave // Mar 18, 2008 at 8:33 pm

    Anyone else think this could possibly be a stunt of Gilbert’s where he fakes us out and the surprises us tomorrow night versus Orlando? I sure hope so.

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