Gilbert Says He Won’t Touch A Ball, The Photos Say Otherwise

Posted by on July 9th, 2008 in Pictures

Gilbert’s latest stop in his worldwide tour has him in Germany promoting the Wizards’ preseason match against the Hornets that will be taking place in Berlin this October.  Normally when an athlete is out promoting something, he’ll stick to the general jockspeak about the event.  But if you know anything about Gilbert then you already know that he’s not the one to do that.  The only question was what would he say?  Well, here’s your answer:

I don’t want to touch a basketball until August, after the last two seasons, I never really had time to recover. My knee is about 95 percent — it’s got to get stronger.

Now, I don’t have any problem with that.  Last summer showed what happens if you push yourself too hard to get healthy.  The only way you can get better is to let the knee heal by itself.  The only problem is that the photo evidence doesn’t support his claims.  Check out the promotional photos from his appearance today:

Gilbert in Germany 1

That’s Gilbert, touching a ball.

Gilbert in Germany 2

Still touching a ball…

Gilbert in Germany 3

There’s the trifecta…

Gilbert in Germany 4

And for good measure, there’s photo #4 of Gilbert holding a ball, on the same day that he said wasn’t going to touch a ball until August.  But it gets worse!  Check out all those photos of Gilbert in the Philippines:

Gilbert with ball

Gilbert with ball 2

Gilbert with ball 3

Gilbert with ball 4

Obviously, I’m taking this to an extreme here, but it’s nice to see that Gil is going about his rehab the right way this time around.  Let’s just hope that it gets him back to holding a basketball like this:

Gilbert in 3 point shootout

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  • Mojazz // Jul 23, 2008 at 1:15 am

    OMG, he’s as tall as the tower of power benjie paras (bald guy with goatee beside Gil), Paras is PF-C position and Arenas is a PG? lol… BTW, Paras is one of the Philippine Basketball legend, The only player who has rookie-MVP award on same season. ;)

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