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- Here’s Dime’s interview with Gilbert Arenas (via DC Sports Bog) from their latest issue.  Most of it focuses on his new contract and his interactions with the media, but I found this question particularly interesting:

Dime: Because of how you play, though, a lot of people would say you’re not a team guy. You’re known as a gunner or, to some, a ball-hog.
GA: When people say that, it’s like … OK, basketball is a game of skills, and no one ever looks at it like this, but do you call Jason Kidd selfish or do you call Steve Nash selfish because they pass too much? Do you call Dwight Howard or Ben Wallace selfish for rebounding or blocking shots all the time? That’s what they’re good at, so you let them do that. I’m a great scorer. If you say, “Take this guy who’s averaging 30 points and make him average 10 assists,” you’re not using my ability. Kobe could average 10 assists, but that’s not Kobe. Ben Wallace could try to score 10 more points, but that’s not what he’s there for. When people say that, I say they’re not knowledgeable about basketball. You don’t tell LeBron “Get to the hole and make finger rolls.” You don’t say, “Shaq, when you get into the lane, do a fadeaway hook.”

I’m a great scorer. I’ve been a great scorer my whole career. I could average 10 assists no problem, but no coach has asked me to do that. It’s like, you have to let Jordan be Jordan; he can’t be anything else.

– Speaking of interviews, Myles Brown, who conducted that memorable interview with Gilbert last week, talked with Ryne Nelson about how the interview went down.  I’ll put it this way: Like anything involving Gilbert, it wasn’t done the traditional way.

– Finally, in the latest edition of NBA Street Series, they do a feature on Gilbert’s rise to All-Stardom

There’s part 1, and here’s part 2.

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