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Posted by on October 16th, 2008 in Articles

So I’m checking on Google Reader today to see if there’s any news on Gilbert and this feature from ESPN Magazine pops up.   I can’t seem to locate the date it was published, but it was sometime between the ’05-’06 and the ’06-’07 season.  A few paragraphs in, you get treated to this gem:

While most of his hip-hop-loving peers obsess over Scarface or Goodfellas , Arenas’ favorite movie is Bambi . “It’s so sad when the mother dies,” he says. “I just got Bambi II on DVD—finally. But I’m waiting for a special day to watch it.”

That’s just one of the many stories you’ll find in this piece that are well…what you’d expect from Gilbert.

After several takes, Gil lifts up his shirt to reveal an elaborate, stunning tattoo of a tiger’s head that stretches from pecs to navel. A touch of swelling announces it was done just the night before. It stops Gilbert Sr. in his tracks. For the first time this day, he is speechless. Finally, he musters a disapproving, “What the hell is that?”

“That’s the eye of the tiger,” says Gilbert.

“Eye, my a**! Is it permanent?” His expression is one of pure dismay as he comes closer to inspect the artwork.

Finally, there’s this quote, which is just a little ironic (and hopefully not foreshadowing) considering that he’s engaged:

He lives alone in his $2.7 million estate 20 minutes northwest of DC, a place he admits would be perfect for settling down. But don’t hold your breath, ladies. Even when he meets The One, she should be forewarned: It’s not likely to be forever. “I don’t want to get married unless they change the marriage laws,” Arenas says. “You should have to sign a marriage contract for no more than five years, with an option to opt out.”

Then again, he also said that he was setting the wedding date for sometime in 2027, so he’s still 24 years away from his first five year contract option.

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  • J.D // Oct 17, 2008 at 5:53 am

    That article came out in 2006. I remember reading it then. He mention about the arrest he had down in Miami Beach during Memorial Day weekend.

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