Gilbert’s New Roles: Trade Evaluator, Shooting Guard, Scout?

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You probably heard yesterday that the Wizards were involved in a deal that brought guards Javaris Crittenton and Mike James to the District.  Presumably, these will be the two guys sharing point guard duties with Gilbert on the Wizards for the next year and a half, give or take.  So how does Gilbert feel about the new additions?

“They wanted bigger guards so when I come back they can play me at the two.  [Just a] Switch up.  They’re bringing them in to help me and Desteve.”

Now, Gilbert also makes it clear that a switch to shooting guard wouldn’t be a permanent switch, but with Javaris on board, it’ll be interesting to see if they utilize Arenas & Crittenton in the same way that they utilitzed Arenas & Larry Hughes during their time together.  Both Crittenton and Hughes are 6-5, 200 lb. guys who can play at point and shooting guard which in turn gives Gilbert the flexibility to play at either guard.

We’ll see how that works out once Gilbert comes back.  While Gilbert has worked on his rehab to get back on the court, he’s also been helping out the Wizards’ coaching staff, according to Hoops Addict.

During the many Wizards’ film session, Brendan Haywood and Gilbert Arenas are extremely helpful to both Coach Tapscott and the team in general.  Coach Tapscott said that they bring the unique perspective of being players but also being keen observers because they are injured, so their input is extremely useful.  Coach added that Haywood and Arenas also play close attention to the college game, and they can easily break down the top prospects in the college game right now.

Somehow I get the feeling that 10 years from now that there’s going to be a minor league team with an infrastructure that looks something like this:

Owner: Gilbert Arenas

GM: Gilbert Arenas

Head Coach: Gilbert Arenas

Head Scout: Gilbert Arenas

Starting Point/Shooting Guard: Gilbert Arenas

Mascot: Gilbert Arenas

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