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Posted by on January 19th, 2009 in Articles

I know that there’s been a lot of he said, she said with Gilbert’s injury and where he’s at in his recovery and whether or not he’ll be coming back this season.  There’s still nothing definitive to report either way, but here’s what Yahoo reported in the latest Wizards team report.

Here is the skinny, according to a source with intimate knowledge of the situation.

Arenas’ knee is better off right now than it was when he tried to come back at the end of last season. While he has yet to play a game for the team, he regularly plays in two-on-two and three-on-three games with teammates.

In fact, if this season weren’t already a wash, Arenas would probably, according to the source, be playing games right now. He would not, however, play in back-to-back games.

One of the main concerns is whether or not he would have any swelling in the knee and, according to the source, there is no swelling at all. This was not the case at any point last season.

Still, there is no guarantee that he will be back this season. In fact, with the Wizards so far out of playoff contention already, it is a good possibility that he won’t be back at all this season.

If it’s true, it’s somewhat depressing but probably good news in the long term.  The most important thing is that there’s no swelling.  As long as that doesn’t flare up, then there shouldn’t be any need for another surgery.  If it’s also true that Gilbert would be healthy enough to play if the Wizards were in the playoff hunt, that’s a good sign as well.  The thing is, if you want to believe this is true, then you also have to believe that Gilbert won’t be coming back this season, even if he gets to 100% before the end of the season.  While I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that being a good idea, it wouldn’t shock me if that’s the route they take.  Then again, it’s kind of moot point anyway since I doubt Gilbert or anyone else in the Wizards organization would come out and say that he’s not playing even though he’s completely healthy so it’s not like we would ever know the truth.

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