Gilbert Arenas Pranks

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Gilbert Arenas Pranks

We have listed some of these before on the site but the Athlon Sports Pro Basketball 2010-11 Preview has a list of “pranks” Gilbert Arenas has done in the past. Enjoy!

  • When Arenas was a rookie, the veterans ordered him to get some donuts with sprinkles, so he bought plain ones and dusted them with baby powder.
  • At a hotel on a road trip, he filled Andre Blatche’s bathtub with coffee.
  • One night he took a shower at half time while still in his uniform.
  • For good luck before a game, he tickles a teammate’s armpit.
  • Three years ago, he swiped rookie Nick Young’s car keys during a trip to Chicago and mailed them back to someone in D.C. with instructions to steal his car.
  • He once broke into a teammate’s home, heisted his new, prized Fran Tarkenton throwback jersey, unveiled it under his own shirt during a team charter flight and “accidently” soiled it with his lunch.
  • For the 2007 home opener pre-game introductions, he wore a satin boxing robe.
  • He foiled a paintball attack on his house by teammates when he saw them coming and did an end-around to their car and flattened their tires.
  • In college, he surreptitiously removed a player’s clothes from the bathroom he was in, locked the door to his room and set of the fire alarm.
  • He often swipes teammates’ cell phones and sends rude or risque to folks in the address book.
  • He’s been known to sneak into rookies’ lockers and cut their suits to shreds so they have to wear their uniforms home.
  • In 2006, he turned a water hose on Awvee Storey while he was sitting on the toilet.

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