A Pair of Comeback Kings

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Frustrations, cold streaks, and a couple of success stories

Last year, former NBA All Star Gilbert Arenas attempted another comeback to basketball’s grandest stage by undergoing an experimental knee surgery in Germany. It was the same innovative procedure that NBA players like recent Golden State Warrior signee Jermaine O’Neal, former top pick Greg Oden, and the “Black Mamba” himself, Kobe Bryant, had to go through in order to repair their troublesome knees.

The once great basketball story that was Gilbert Arenas saw its fair share of ups and downs – a wild roller coaster ride so to speak full of remarkable three point shots, clutch baskets, and frustrating injuries. He surprisingly went from being an unheralded junior player for the Arizona Wildcats, to becoming a premier scorer by the start of his second year in the NBA.

In some ways, Arenas was like the basketball player version of Germany’s highest ranking poker player, Marvin Rettenmaier. Before he became PartyPoker’s poster boy, Rettenmaier was the typical University student who made his way up the ranks of poker by amassing a decent bankroll in the online world. Just like Gilbert Arenas being a late pick of the Golden State Warriors in the 2001 NBA Draft (2nd round, 30th pick), Mad Marvin went under the radar in minor European tournaments, gaining solid notoriety after placing in the money board on a number of occasions. With significant momentum pushing him towards the game’s biggest and brightest stage, the Leonberg native bravely continued on his quest to become a world champion. And as luck would have it, everything came into fruition in the summer of 2010 when Marvin Rettenmaier came out of nowhere and conquered the season 10 of the World Poker Tour World Championship. From there, Rettenmaier became a household name to die hard poker fans. He exuded an aura of intimidation to his peers, but still maintained his wholesome image on the felt. Though it is inevitable to experience a couple of obstacles and cold streaks during a professional player’s career, Mad Marvin continues to endure all the trials to firmly hold his spot on top of poker’s ladder.

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The sports world has seen a lot of success stories that involved players coming back from a devastating setback or surprisingly rising up to the ranks of supremacy; and ironically enough – just like Germany’s Rettenmaier – Gilbert Arenas may be categorized on both. Despite the fact that he had a couple of demoralizing injuries, major off-court controversies, and a couple of unsuccessful comebacks throughout his professional career, “Agent Zero” still tends to his burning passion in basketball. Today, as he looks to continue burning the hoops for the Shanghai Sharks in the Chinese Basketball Association; Gilbert Arenas, along with Marvin Rettenmaier, prove to everyone that with hard work and passion, anyone can conquer the world and comeback in a major way.

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